Campaign settings checklist

Ready to launch your first campaign? And do you want to make sure that all the settings are correct? Then use this checklist.

1. Clear targets?

Before setting up a campaign, it is important to be clear about what you want to achieve with it. This allows you to immediately determine which items you need to add to the campaign.

2. Start with an automatic campaign

No one has a range that consists only of winners or losers. Some items simply do better than others. In order to find out which these are, it is necessary to collect information. So start with an automatic campaign and find out what your hot sellers are.

3. Are your keywords correct?

Bidding on the right keywords is one of the most important factors for a successful campaign. In an automatic campaign, the system ensures that you are visible on the most relevant keywords for your items. So you do not have to add keywords yourself.
You can indicate, however, which keywords you don’t want to be found on (exclusion words).

Do you have a manual campaign? Make sure you choose good keywords and categories. How do you find out which ones those are? Use insights from previous campaigns or the bol search trends function to see which keywords visitors often use.

4. Is there a spending limit on the account?

You can choose to set flexible spending limits, but it’s not a requirement. Without them, your sponsored products campaign will always remain active, and you won’t have to worry about your campaign being paused. Have you set a spending limit? Then make sure there is enough space to prevent you from unintentionally becoming invisible due to a lack of budget.

5. Have you set a budget?

Have you set up a campaign budget? Or are you opting for a daily or monthly budget, for example? Check whether these settings are as you want them to be, and whether they fit your goals.

6. Have you set a start and end date?

Remember that if you set an end date, the campaign will actually end on that date. So only do this in specific cases, such as with a project-based campaign. This prevents your campaign from unintentionally stopping.

7. Have you selected the right items?

Always check your selected items before you go live with the campaign. This prevents the wrong products from appearing in your ads. To set up a campaign, it’s essential that the items you select meet the conditions.


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