With reports, you gain insight into the success of your sponsored products campaigns. The reports give you all the information you need to optimise your campaigns.

Insight into your campaign performance

You will find reports in your campaign overview of sponsored products. Download the ‘performance by placement’ report to see how your items are doing, at both the keyword and placement level. Assess your results and see where you can improve things. At first, do this a few times a week.

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Discover opportunities and optimise your campaign

Use reports to discover opportunities and make improvements. Have you discovered a keyword that scores very well? Give the keyword more attention and increase your bid. Do you see that your items score poorly on certain keywords, because they generate a lot of clicks but don’t sell? Then disable those keywords by adding them to your exclusion keywords. This means you will no longer be visible on this keyword: you have now optimised your campaign further!

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Get help

When it comes to optimising your reports and improving your campaigns, we understand that it can sometimes be a challenge to do everything yourself. Fortunately, you don’t have to tackle it alone. You can call in the help of an agency.


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