Automatic or manual campaign

There are two ways to create a campaign: automatic or manual. An automatic campaign means a lot of work is done for you, while a manual campaign puts you in control.

Automatic campaign

With an automatic campaign, selecting keywords, bidding on the auction and placing the ads are automatically based on your chosen goals and ACoS. This option is especially useful for your first campaigns. You gain a lot of insights that you can then use in a manual campaign.

Let your campaign run for a while so that the algorithm can do its job. See what happens and how your campaign evolves. After about two weeks or after 80 to 100 clicks per product or keyword, you will have enough insights to start optimising. After that, let your campaign run for another 2 weeks to see the effects of your optimisations.

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Manual campaign

With a manual campaign, you are at the wheel. You are responsible for the keywords, the bid set for the keyword auction and the page types on which your ads are visible.

Take into account that a manual campaign requires more time and attention. You’ll need to keep an eye on your results, turn keywords on or off, and adjust your bids.

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