Keyword strategy

Keywords are the link between your sponsored items and the customers you want to reach. With relevant keywords, your items will be seen by the right customers.

Keyword strategy

A visitor can search on bol in different ways. For example, via the categories in the main navigation, or via the search bar. In a sponsored products campaign, you set keywords that suit your items. By bidding on relevant keywords, your items have a chance of reaching the top of the search results for customers that are searching for them. You have 2 options for this: an automatic and a manual keyword strategy.

Automatic keyword strategy

Are you new to advertising, or do you have new items? Then the automatic keyword strategy is perfect for you. Relevant keywords that suit your offer are automatically selected. This allows you to quickly find out what your most important keywords are. Next, you can choose the manual approach and select your own keywords.
The automatic option is also useful if you already have more advertising experience.
It ensures that you are visible for all keywords that bol links to your items. You can subsequently pause keywords that you find less relevant.

Manual keyword strategy

With a manual search strategy, you select the keywords that you want to be found on. The most important thing here is relevance. How do you ensure that you choose the most relevant keywords for your offer? Our tips will help you optimise this keyword strategy.

Exact or phrase

We distinguish between exact keywords or phrases. Exact keywords are written in quotation marks. Your item will only appear when someone searches for that exact keyword. Are you setting your keyword without quotation marks? Then your item may also come up if a visitor searches for that keyword in combination with other words.

Exclusion keywords

To make your keywords as relevant as possible, it can be useful to exclude certain keywords. This means setting those keywords that you don’t want to be found on. This prevents people from seeing your listing when they are actually looking for a different type of item.

Longtail keywords

Another way to make keywords more specific and therefore more relevant is to make them longer. They usually consist of 3 or more words grouped together.

Structure your keywords

Keep an overview by structuring your keywords based on similar keywords. The larger the selection of items in your campaign, the more keywords there are.


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