Selecting items

When creating a campaign, select the items you want to advertise with. How do you choose these items? What requirements do they need to meet in order to successfully advertise with them?

Getting started with sponsored products

When starting with sponsored products, we recommend selecting items that are already doing well. This will increase your chances of making more sales, while quickly gathering a wealth of data about how customers are responding to your products. This is something that takes a lot longer for less popular items. Naturally, sponsored products are also a great way to promote new products. As long as you keep a close eye on performance, you will quickly get a clear picture of which items are, or are not, suitable for advertising.

There are several factors that influence the performance of your ads. It is important that you pay close attention to this when selecting items.

  • Breadcrumb trail
    Check whether the breadcrumb trail for your item is correct, as these are the categories in which your ads will appear.
  • Product specifications
    All product specifications must be filled in correctly. For example, is a brand, publisher or genre missing here? Then you cannot advertise with the item.
  • Price stars
    The more price stars you have, the better the organic ranking. This automatically means that your ads will be displayed more often.
  • Buy block
    Does your item not have the best sales position? Then you don’t have a buy block and cannot advertise with it.
  • Item photos and item description
    Good product information affects your organic ranking. The higher your organic ranking, the better your advertisement will score.

How many items should you advertise with?

It is best to place around 10 to 20 items in a campaign. Less is also possible, but this means you’ll also collect less information concerning the performance of your items. If you go for too many products, it can take a long time before you have collected all the data. You need that data to optimise your campaigns.

There are certain items that you’re not allowed to advertise with

Some items are excluded from advertising by regulations, such as infant formula and certain medication. To find out which items these are exactly, visit the website of the Advertising Code Commission.

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