Packing slip via API

It is not possible to request a packing slip via the API. When this is or is not necessary and how to send a packing slip anyway, you can read on this page.

From January 2020, it will no longer always be necessary to include a packing slip with an order. Indeed, when the order number is already on the shipping seal, the packing slip is no longer necessary.

Do you buy regular ‘Voordelig verzenden via bol’ shipping stamps or VVB shipping stamps via the API or the seller dashboard? Then the order number will automatically appear on the shipping stamp and a packing slip is therefore not necessary.

If you use a ‘proprietary shipping method’ and cannot add the order number on the shipping stamp, attaching a packing slip is still required.

Would you like to add a packing slip to the order and not use the bol packing slip from your seller dashboard? Then you can create your own packing slip. You can find the required information for a packing note via the API using the ‘Get an open order by order id’ endpoint. If you use an integration partner we advise you to contact them about this.

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