Delivering stock

When you deliver stock to our fulfilment centers via Logistics via, there is an entire process in place. Read all about this process here, from delivery to scanning items and placing them in the warehouse, or what happens if something goes wrong.

If you want to ensure that your items arrive at the fulfilment center as agreed and can be processed properly, then don’t forget to read our terms of delivery.

As soon as your shipment arrives at one of our fulfilment centers in Waalwijk, the shipment is registered as received. From that moment on, you can view the status of the shipment on the Logistics via page in your seller dashboard, below the tab ‘Mijn Lvb voorraad’.

Follow the steps of your shipment in the fulfilment center:

1. Shipment is delivered

After the carrier has delivered the shipment, the process in the warehouse starts. If the items have been delivered correctly, they will be in stock within 3 working days. The received shipments are processed by postal cart. If your shipment is delivered by a parcel service, such as PostNL or DHL, it could happen that we register the shipment as received the next day. That’s because a postal cart can contain shipments delivered by different partners.

2. Receiving items

Shipments are unpacked and checked for numbers and any damage incurred. We also check if the items meet all the terms of delivery. For perishable items we check the sell-by date, based on the best-before date.  You can find the quantities received in your seller dashboard below ‘Mijn Lvb zendingen‘. 

3. In process

The items have been checked. They are now ready to be stocked and moved to an inventory location. If it’s the first time we receive a certain item, we measure it first. As a result, it could take little longer to stock that item.

4. Stocked

Before an item is placed in stock, it is first measured by a dimension scanner. The rate group is determined based on the format. Loose plastic packaging can cause different dimensions – so pack your item as small as possible to avoid inaccuracies. When measuring an item, only 1 piece of the item in question is measured. It is therefore possible that that one item is not immediately booked into stock. If you see a difference of 1 piece, this is completely normal – the item is still on its way to the correct stock location.

At that time, the shipment has been fully processed and ready for selling via Your items can now also be seen in your sales account below ‘Mijn aanbod bekijken’.

Delivered unsellable

These items cannot be sold because they are broken, damaged, incomplete, or because the sell-by date has passed. These items will automatically be added to your unsellable inventory. More about the correct delivery of items can be found in the terms of use.

Unknown item

The item cannot be linked to a pre-announced item. We’ll find out what’s going on and contact you if we need your help. Please note: this message remains, even when the item has been recognized. The number of items received will then be updated.

Miscounts during processing

When receiving or placing items in stock, counting can occasionally go wrong. After a miscount, an inventory correction can take place within a few days. In that case, your current stock level will be updated, not the quantities in the overview in your sales account.

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