Well-priced offer

Customers usually look for a good buy. That's why they compare prices. To make this easier for them, we automatically label prices that are at least equal or better priced than main online suppliers in the market. These items are labelled 'Price Tip' or 'Now reduced in price'.

Prices are highlighted with a red label. In addition, customers can find these items faster through the ‘Price tip’ filter on list pages. Relevant offer will also be highlighted in bol campaigns such as Sinterklaas, Christmas, Spring and Mother’s Day.

The ‘Prijstip’-label (Price Tip label)

If your offer meets this definition, it’s automatically highlighted. The label could be a way to give customers confidence, as it informs them that it’s a good price compared to the market price. Further price comparison from their end is not needed. In most instances, showing this label leads to higher conversion and thus more orders.

This is how your item qualifies for a ‘Prijstip’-label

As stated above, if your offer meets the definition, it’s automatically highlighted with the ‘Prijstip’-label. This definition is explained below. We could refine it in the future, based on data insights and customer feedback. In short, your item should have a 4 ‘prijssterren’ (price stars) price. If the price significantly increases compared to the past 14 days, the label is deleted temporarily.

  • The normal price is the most displayed non-promotional price in the past 90 days.
  • T-3 is the price of 3 days ago.
  • T-14 is the price of 14 days ago.

‘Nu in prijs verlaagd’-label (Now reduced in price label)

The table below shows when your item qualifies for a ‘Now reduced in price’ label. Please note that the price is lower than the lowest price on bol in the past 28 days, with a minimum reduction as per the table below. The label will be displayed for a maximum of 7 days or disappear if the price increases.

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Setting a good price

A price is competitive if it is the same (or lower) than the main competitor. You decide whether you are happy with the sales numbers and margins you are left with if you charge that price.

Price stars

Based on the relevant market price, your items are given a score in the form of price stars. This tells you immediately whether your prices are competitive compared to competitors or if they still need some attention.