Return by delivery service

During shipping, something could go wrong unexpectedly. As the sender of the shipment, you are therefore responsible for handling questions or complaints, for example, if you receive a return from the delivery service. To best help the customer, we recommend following the advice on this page.

Was an order returned by the delivery service because it could not be delivered? Then check with the customer whether the address of the order is correct and if they still want to receive the order.

If the customer still wants to receive the order, you are obliged to deliver it under the purchase agreement of the order. You will then have to ship the order again yourself. It is not possible to create a second shipping stamp via bol.

Does the customer no longer wish to receive the order? You can then accept the return. In your seller dashboard, go to the order in question and hover over the 3 dots next to the flag. Choose ‘Retour accepteren’. The customer will automatically receive a refund.

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Received a return without a notification

You can accept the return of this order yourself in the seller dashboard after receiving it.

Processing a shipment via 'Own shipping method'

With 'Own shipping method', you do not buy your stamps via bol, but arrange your own shipping elsewhere. The step-by-step plan below tells you how it works if you choose another shipping method.