One of the categories of policy violations we monitor is imitation. By this we mean imitation of brand, design or product specifications that do not match the original item. Want to know exactly what this includes? You can read about it on this page.

Selling imitation items

For example, what is not allowed:

  • Creating the impression that an item is of a particular brand, when it is not.
  • Mentioning a brand name in the name or description of an item, when in reality the item does not have that brand.
  • Selling an item that is an imitation item, even if you mention it in the product description.
  • Removing or defacing EAN codes on items.

Good to know: if you have multiple seller accounts, then for a policy violation ‘Imitation’ we have the authority to deduct the relevant number of points on all your accounts linked to the same Chamber of Commerce number.

Learn more about policy points and other categories of policy violations here.

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