General information

We measure your telephone accessibility because our customers find direct and personal contact very important. In addition, customer queries are often resolved faster by phone, because you can outline the entire situation immediately and answer follow-up questions. We expect you to answer at least 90 per cent of the call attempts during working hours: Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:00 (CET/CEST). Depending on your country of residence, official Dutch and Belgian public holidays are taken into account, so these days do not count. 

If you fail to meet the standard

If you fail to meet the standard, this is a signal that you need to improve your telephone accessibility. After all, this is very important to customers. You will not receive a strike for this; we see this as your own responsibility. In the future, this may change. 

Tips to improve 

Would you like to extend your opening hours, for example to include evenings or weekends? Then enter this in your settings in your seller account.

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