Own return service

Want to set up your own return service in your seller account? On this page, we explain how to do so.

1. In your seller account, go to settings (click on your shop name at the top right)

2. Go to 'Mijn winkel' and click on 'Retouren'

3. Click on 'Retourwijze' in the menu on the left

4. Click 'Ik regel het zelf' and then 'opslaan'

5. In the menu on the left, click on 'Instructies'

6. Enter here how the customer returns to you free of charge

Do you want to send a return label to the customer? Then go to the open returns in your seller account. Get there by clicking on the ‘Bestellingentab and then the ‘Retour’ tab. Using the e-mail address indicated, send the return label to the customer.

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