News 23 April 2024

Reimbursement reduced for missing parcels with PostNL parcel stamps

With Parcel Stamps via bol, you can easily purchase shipping stamps from carriers PostNL and Bpost. At the moment, items that are damaged or missing on their way to the customer via this shipping method are in many cases refunded by bol out of courtesy. For parcels sent using PostNL parcel stamps (from the Netherlands to Belgium), the amount of compensation will change as of July 1, 2024.

What will change?

  • The change to the compensation policy will apply from July 1, 2024 for shipments sent from the Netherlands to Belgium using PostNL parcel stamps via bol.
  • Whereas previously you were reimbursed 75% of the item’s retail value if a package goes missing, from July onwards this will be 25%.

Missing compensation since August 1, 2023 will be paid retroactively

Due to an error in our system, it appears that partners were not paid the original 75% reimbursement. We are going to retroactively reimburse partners 75% from August 1, 2024 for missing packages after the August 1, 2023 change. That will also fix the error in the system. If this also applies to you, you will receive an email about this in May.

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