News 28 November 2023

Pilot sponsored products

also on position 3 on the list page

We notice that the retail media market is growing rapidly and, as bol, we want to keep innovating continuously. We regularly get requests from advertising partners for more advertising opportunities. Therefore, on Wednesday November 29th, we will start a pilot to also offer the third position on the list page through sponsored products.

What is the impact for me?

This change could cause advertising partners to generate more visibility on relevant searches. Customers often see the top search results on their screen first, so this may give advertisers more impressions than before.

We realise that sponsored bidding shifts the organic spot from the third spot on the list page. In this pilot, we want to test how to do it best for customers, partners and suppliers alike.

Our tip for advertisers

Due to potentially higher volume of impressions and clicks, your daily limit may be reached faster. We recommend you check your running campaigns in the sponsored products environment and make any adjustments.

Want to know more about this adjustment? Check out our FAQ.