News 9 November 2023

Lvb also processes 3XL items from now on

With Logistics via we relieve you of the entire logistic process. We built a new fulfilment center specially for 3XL items. From June 19th, we can process even your very large items with Logistics via Read more about it here.

The definition of 3XL items
Items stamped ‘3XL’ are all items that have a value greater than one of the specifications of XXL items. Please find these values in the table below (in Dutch).

Delivering your 3XL items
The same process applies to the delivery and processing of 3XL items as for smaller items. As stated in the terms of delivery, it is important that you pre-announce the items via your sales account before the delivery.

We have set up our fulfilment centers to make optimal use of them. The dimensions and weight of items play an important role in this. It is possible that your shipment is divided over multiple fulfilment centers. After registering the items, you will see which fulfillment center you can send the items to.

Read more about delivering stock to our fulfilment centers.

The rates for 3XL items
From July 1, 2023, the following rates will apply to 3XL items (in Dutch):