News 5 December 2023

Change in payment model: faster payouts

Joining forces also means listening to each other. At the request of many partners, we will change our payment model as of January 1, 2024. From this point on, you can receive your payment not once, but twice a month. This allows you to invest more in your company, and more frequently. Are you interested? Please let us know via your selling account before January 1st.

This is how it works

Currently, you have a monthly payout of all sales you make via bol. This happens on the 1st business day of a new month. We understand, however, that having more payouts could be more convenient. That is why, from next year on, you can opt for a more frequent payout. You will then be paid on the 1st and 15th business day of the month. 

How to change the payout frequency 

You can set your desired payout frequency via your seller dasboard. To change it, go to the Financiën’ screen (via Instellingen Account) and select the payout frequency below ‘uitbetaalschema’. 

Good to know: 

  • You can change your preference up to the last day of the quarter.  
  • The change applies to the entire next quarter.  
  • If you opt for a payout twice a month, a reservation of 7 days applies. You will be paid for your orders shipped from 14 to 28 days before the invoice date. Your payment is not for orders shipped over the past 7 days, but for the previous 14 days.