Selling on bol as an EU partner

We love to team up with talented sellers

Partners that enrich our assortment and enable our customers to shop with ease and confidence. We believe in creating and cultivating win-win partnerships, so empowering partners is our daily business. While teaming up comes with a great set of benefits (e.g., an audience of over 13 million customers and proactive support), it also calls for a strong mutual commitment and a heartfelt passion to go the extra mile. Not once in a blue moon, but every day.

Welcome to the treasure trove

Bol is the best-known marketplace in the Netherlands and Belgium. We have over 13 million active customers and almost 50k partners on our platform. We’re also a member of the global Ahold-Delhaize family. Our assortment encompasses roughly 34 million products (Q1, 2022) across various domains. In fact, our assortment is so rich that customers often start every shopping session on bol, for everything from daily necessities to luxury items. In short, we’re a veritable treasure trove for online shoppers! And for our partners. Not ‘just’ thanks to our reach and local hero status but also because we offer unrivaled access to augmented services, including actionable, data-driven insights, exemplary fulfillment support (logistics as a service), and while-you-shop advertising that maximizes the relevance of promotions. Plus: there are no entry or setup fees; there’s just a modest commission rate.

Open Sesame?

Our partners already sign off on two out of every three sales, and we happily invite you to raise that number. However, we do not believe in the ‘open the floodgates, après nous, le déluge’ philosophy. We are on a mission to make everyday life easier for our customers, and we require the same customer-centricity from our partners. We connect visitors to the right (your?) product at the right price and time. We also add value whenever and wherever possible. E.g., with quick deliveries, truthful and inspiring content, and heartfelt support. To access this treasure, we expect EU partners to at least:

  • Own an EU business entity; this is a prerequisite for marketplace access
  • Have a minimum sales potential of €500k in the first 12 months
  • Have a solid international marketplace track record
  • Be demonstrably committed to customer-centric entrepreneurship, and be able to fully support customers in Dutch
  • Be willing to integrate via a bol certified (API) partner

Roll out the blue carpet!

Think you’ve got what it takes to delight and engage over 13 million customers? If we agree, we’ll gladly roll out the patented blue carpet. All the way to your company’s doors. And yes, we are committed to helping you succeed, so you get the head start you (and our shared customers) deserve. The onboarding includes full integration support, manuals, unlimited access to our Partner Academy, logistics-as-a-service propositions, assortment matching & mapping tools, content enhancement advice, real-time content rankings, actionable customer insights, customer services, advertising & promotions options, and continuous feedback loops. And while we advocate and enthusiastically deploy tech, tooling, and machine learning to drive commercial performance, you can always count on personal support from our colleagues as well. People who are as enthusiastic and entrepreneurial as you are. And people who can enrich your brand of expertise with localized knowledge and a healthy dose of digital prowess. Together, we’ll keep rolling out that blue carpet straight to the heart of (y)our next customer.

Get in touch?

Gladly! You can reach us directly at Alternatively, fill out the contact form, and we’ll be in touch. Pinky promise.