Sales Invoice

When an order is placed, the customer pays bol, after which you receive the sales amount from us, minus the costs incurred. You can find an overview of all income and expenses on your Sales Invoice, which you receive in your seller dashboard every invoicing period.

You will receive your Sales Invoice on the first day of every invoicing period (monthly or every two weeks, as of January 2024). This is the invoice for the previous month. The outstanding amount will be paid to you on the next working day after you receive this invoice. Depending on the bank’s processing time, it may take up to three days for the payment to be credited to your account.

You can find your Sales Invoice in your seller dashboard, in the ‘Financiën’ menu. You can also download the invoice and associated specifications on that page.

The Sales Invoice

The payment for your orders is bundled on the Sales Invoice. The income from your orders is added up each invoicing period. Expenses, such as commission or shipping stamps, are also deducted directly. Any returns will be settled in the month that you process a returned item. If you would like more insight into your Sales Invoice, you can download the corresponding invoice specification.

The Sales Invoice for a Dutch partner

The Sales Invoice for a Belgian partner

The costs incurred

The costs incurred are the sum of all costs incurred in the invoicing period. These costs are of course related to the use of bol.

  • Commission
    For every item you sell, you pay a commission, consisting of a fixed amount and a percentage of the sales price.
  • Correction committee
    When a customer has returned an item or lost a shipment, the previously charged commission will be corrected.
  • Pick & pack costs
    Costs are charged for picking and packing per item.
  • Correction pick&pack costs
    If a shipment or return is lost, or if we have sent the wrong item, the previously charged costs will be corrected.
  • Postage costs
    Shipping costs are charged per order.
  • Shipping costs correction
    If a shipment or return is lost, or if we have sent the wrong item, the previously charged costs will be corrected.
  • Inventory costs
    Costs are charged per day and per EAN for keeping your range in stock in the distribution center.
  • Contribution to return stamp(s)
    A contribution will be charged for each return stamp used by a customer to send a return to you.
  • Correction(s)
    A (manual) correction that does not belong under any of the other invoice lines.
  • Contribution to package stamp(s)
    Parcel stamps via bol were used to send the order to the customer.
  • Contribution to parcel stamp(s) Koninklijke PostNL B.V.
    If a PostNL parcel stamp has been used to ship an order, these costs will be partly reimbursed by bol and the remaining amount will appear on your invoice.
  • Compensation for lost items

If an amount has been transferred from compensation, this will be shown under ‘compensation for lost items’. The compensation is legally a VAT-exempt item and is therefore shown without VAT on the invoice.

The Revenues, also known as ‘turnover’

Here a sum is made of all confirmed orders (Item sales price(s), received…) and all returned or LIM orders (Item sales price correction…). Together this makes: your total revenue. This amount includes the VAT paid by customers. VAT is charged on the daily service between partner and customer. You must therefore calculate the VAT on the proceeds yourself. Bol cannot advise on this.

  • Sales price of item(s), received from buyers and paid by bol
    The price of the item that bol has collected from the customer. This amount includes VAT, so the partner must pay this to the tax authorities themselves.
  • Correction sales price item(s)
    If a customer has returned an item or lost a shipment, the previously paid sales price will be withheld.

The VAT basis

A summary of all costs incurred, where bol invoices VAT. The VAT basis is used to reclaim VAT. The VAT amount that can ultimately be reclaimed is called the VAT amount on the invoice.

Advertising via bol

Do you use Advertising via You will then receive a separate invoice for this, which you can find under the ‘Financiën‘ tab. This invoice therefore comes separately from the Sales Invoice, although they do offset each other when possible.

So if your income on the Sales Invoice is higher than your costs on the Advertising via bol invoice, those costs are automatically settled and you don’t have to worry about them. Do you have a higher amount outstanding for the invoice for Advertising via bol than the income earned on the Sales Invoice? Then this will not be settled. In that case, you pay the Advertising via bol invoice according to the instructions here.

The invoicing period for the Advertising via bol invoice differs from the invoicing period for the Sales Invoice. The Sales Invoice runs from the first day of the month to the last day of the month.

Please note! On the invoice you receive on the first day of the month, the costs of your Advertising via bol invoice are settled up to and including the 27th of the previous month. The last 3 or 4 days of this month will be settled on the next invoice.

The Advertising via bol invoice

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Offering your product range via is free. You only pay a commission when you sell something.