The Finance page in your seller account

Read everything you need to know about seller account finances on this page.

The Finance page in your seller account

The ‘Financiën’ page shows information about the current invoicing period and the interim billing amount at the top. This amount can change daily due to new orders, cancellations and returns and is updated daily.

In the message behind the interim invoice amount, you can see whether this is an amount you will receive from or whether you have to pay

Below the overview are the invoices per month, where you can also immediately see whether the invoice has already been paid; if so, you will see a green tick here. Looking for a specific invoice? Then you can find it by entering the invoice or order number in the search bar.

If you want to change the invoicing period, you can do so on the following page: Instellingen  – Account – Financiën. Here you can choose one payout per month or two payouts per month, with a reserve period of 7 days.

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