Rates Logistics via bol

On this page, you can read all about the rates for Logistiek via bol (Logistics via bol).

Rates based on size

Logistics via bol rates depend on weight and dimensions. 

*We have an additional rule for size L items. They may not exceed 70 Liters. Liters = (maximum length in cm x middle length in cm x smallest length in cm) /1000.


Rates Logistics via bol

Find the regular Lvb rates below.

*XXXS and XXS items cannot be sent as letterbox packages to Belgium. These are always sent as XS-size items at the applicable rate.

As of 1 January 2024, Logistics via bol has more competitive shipping rates for items with a retail price below €16. This makes it more advantageous to sell low-priced assortment via Logistics via bol.

* XXXS and XXS items cannot be sent as letterbox packages to Belgium. These will always be sent as XS size and shipped at the applicable rate. 

Here’s how to read the tables above

The rates of Logistics via bol:

Include: Pick & pack costs, shipping, customer service, returns
Exclude: VAT, commission, any surcharges for specific items, and labelling bSKU. See surcharges and additional services.


Stock costs

The number of items in stock at the fulfilment center is counted per day, and these stock charges are charged per day. In the run-up to the holidays, we work with an increased rate (peak rate) for the storage of items during the months of November and December.

Cost per item and cost per shipment

The Logistics via bol rates per ordered item are based on an order with one of your items. If a customer orders several of your items at once, we make sure this is shipped in the most efficient and convenient way for you. Therefore, you pay relatively less per item and you ship most economical. To calculate your benefit, the rate is split into 2 parts: an amount per item and an amount for delivery.

Surcharges and additional services

For some items, you pay a surcharge with Logistics via bol. You can also use additional services with Logistics via bol.

  • Surcharge special product category
    These are fragile items, items with an expiry date and all items within the main categories of watches, sunglasses, bags/leather goods, baby & toddler clothing or clothing & shoes. Within these categories, the return rate is higher than average or, in the case of THT and fragile items, extra care is taken to process the order. To cover the additional costs, we charge a surcharge for this. The surcharge is charged per handling. It is therefore possible that the surcharge is applied more than once. For example, in the case of a fragile item with a THT date.
    Please note: ‘Items containing hazardous substances’ has been added per 1 January 2024 to the product categories for which we charge a surcharge. We do this because these articles require an additional safety process and specific storage (bunker). Read more about Lvb with hazardous substances.
  • Have your items stickered
    For a fee of €0.19 per item, we provide Logistics with bol labels (bSKU stickers) on each of your items. These labels are needed to distinguish your stock from that of other partners and bol stock. If you have indicated to apply stickers yourself and have not done so, the rate is €0.23 per item. This is because these stickers are compulsory.
  • Have your (unsellable) stock recalled or destroyed
    If you want to recall or destroy an item, you will be charged €0.42 per item (excluding VAT). Would you like to return items to a specific address? If so, shipping costs will be added to the €0.42 per item (excluding VAT). See table below.


Regularly check the dimensions of your items

Regularly check whether the items you sell via Logistics via bol have been placed in the correct rate group. You can find the rate group on the all-in-1 invoice.

If you see an item has been categorised in the wrong rate goup, please contact Partnerservice. Have the dimensions of your packages changed? Please also inform Partnerservice of this.

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