As a partner, you can use Logistics via bol (Lvb). This allows you to outsource the logistics process. You can sign up for this service under a number of conditions.

Do I qualify for Logistics via bol?

  • Number of items per year
    You are eligible for Logistics via bol if you sell at least 1,500 items per year. Once we receive your application, we will immediately assess whether you meet this requirement.

Don’t wait any longer and enjoy the many benefits of Logistics via sphere. Register immediately and we will inform you about the next steps by e-mail.


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Offer suitable for Logistics via bol

To use Logistics via bol and take advantage of all the benefits, your items must meet some conditions.

Assortment policy

Here you will find the conditions regarding all the assortment you want to offer on bol. Together, we can ensure that radiates reliability and quality. Only then can customers order from us with confidence.

Rates Logistics via bol

On this page you can read all about the rates for using Logistics via bol.