Label your items

All items you deliver to our fulfilment centers must be labelled with a Logistiek via bol (Logistics via bol) label (bSKU). This ensures that an order is sent from the correct stock. You can do the labelling yourself or let us do it for you - please let us know if we can help!

When an item arrives in one of our fulfillment centers, we need to be able to easily check which item belongs to which partner. Therefore each item must be labelled with a unique barcode. We call this barcode ‘bSKU’ and it appears on the Logistics via bol label. 

There are 2 options for labelling your items: 

  1. Label your items yourself.
  2. Have bol label your items.

You label your items yourself with the unique Logistics via bol labels 

 To do so, follow these steps: 

1. Indicate this in your seller dashboard

While pre-announcing shipment in your seller dashboardspecify that you label your items yourself with the Logistics via bol labels. This by clicking on ‘Zelf printen en bevestigen‘. You can create the label even before you know how many items you are going to sendWith the draft shipment, bSKU is already generated.

2. Download product labels

This can be done in two 2 ways: 

  • Via the ‘Productlabels downloaden’ button on the shipment detail page, with the items from the shipment already selected. 
  • Via the ‘Productlabels downloaden’ button on the ‘Mijn Lvb-zendingen’ page, where you can select the items yourself.

Then choose an appropriate ‘Labelformaat‘ for your type of sticker sheetCheck the scannability of the label yourself. 

3. Print and paste the labels

Print the Logistics via bol labels and check that the numbers under the barcode are legibleStick the label on a flat side on the outside of the itemIt is also permitted to have your supplier print the BSKUs directly on the box of your items. 

You have bol label your items with the Logistics via bol labels  

You can also leave the labelling to us. For this service, you pay a fee of €0.19 per labelled item. 

1. Indicate this in your seller dashboard

If you want the items to be labelledyou can indicate this during pre-annoucnement in your seller dashboardBelow Productlabelschoose the option ‘ labelt de producten‘. 

2. Avoid incorrect bookings

Labelling errors can result in incorrect booking of stock. Will you have items labelled by us? Then it is important to pay attention to the following, so that your items are labelled correctly: 

  •  There is 1 visible EAN barcode on each of your items. Any second or third barcodes on your items are taped and not visible. Remove barcodes on cartons (boxes in which your items are transported). 
  • EAN barcode numbers are clearly legible below the barcode. 
  • The EAN barcode is visible on the outside of the package on a flat side. 
  • The EAN number on the item matches exactly how it is registered in the pre-announcement. 

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