Collect and delivery service for Logistics via bol

You can have Logistics via bol collect and deliver your shipments to the fulfilment centers with our collect and delivery service. We collaborate with our carriers to take the work off your hands, which relieves you and can result in cost savings. On this page you can read more about the benefits, rates and process.

The benefits of the delivery service

  • You benefit from competitive rates (via bol).
  • Set the time slot for collection.
  • Have your shipment collected from an address of your preference. Unfortunately, it's not possible to collect from addresses in Belgium and the Frisian islands.
  • Set up the collection appointment when you pre-announce your shipment in the seller dashboard.
  • Always track your shipment with the track and trace numbers that are provided per shipment and per parcel.
  • Deliver 1 to 20 package(s) at the same time.
  • The costs are included in your monthly sales invoice.
  • You just need 1 (combined) shipping label per package.
  • You don't have to select an expected delivery date when you pre-announce the shipment.

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