Dealing with customer returns

On this page you can read how customer returns are handled at Logistiek via (Logistics via

1. Evaluation of a returned item

A customer can return their order free of charge within 30 days of receipt. Upon receipt, the item will be assessed. There are then 2 options – the item is assessed as:  

  • Saleable
    Is this the correct item and is the packaging and the item itself completely intact? Then the item is returned to saleable stock.
  • Saleable after additional treatment
    Is the item not immediately saleable, but can we refurbish this item for you? Then we perform these operations and then include the item in saleable stock so it can be resold. An item qualifies for this if, among other things, it is returned complete, still whole and in its original packaging. The item is then, for example, cleaned, repackaged neatly, de-stickered and re-sealed.
  • Unsalable
    Is the packaging or the item damaged and in this condition no longer suitable for sale? Then the item will be placed in unsellable stock.

2. Return policy

An optimal customer experience is our goal. We want to be a platform where customers can make worry-free purchases and hassle-free free returns. This is a conscious choice because it contributes to customer satisfaction and satisfied customers are more likely to come back for more purchases. This is how the platform remains successful.

Customer experience is not the only driver behind our current returns policy. For both us as itself and for you as a partner selling through, the laws and regulations surrounding the right of withdrawal apply. Together we have to comply with these. This also means that returned items can be refused in the following situations:

  • Customer fraud, when the purchased item was deliberately not returned by the customer.
  • Audio/video/software, whose seal has been broken.
  • Hygienic items that can no longer be cleaned, such as sex items.
  • Incomplete returns, where the main item is missing from the packaging.

3. Three situations

For returns, the following things can happen:  

  • Item is returned too late
    It may happen that a customer, after consulting customer service and you, returns the item after 30 days. In that case, the same options are available: if the item is still saleable, it will be offered again via; if the item is unsellable, it will be added to the unsellable stock.  
  • The return item gets lost in the post
    If an item is lost in the shipping process between the customer and the distribution centre, will refund the costs you incurred for Logistics via and part of the retail value of the item. In appendix 1 of the terms and conditions (in Dutch) you can find the reimbursement percentage per article.
  • Customer contacts us about returning an item
    Both for the shipment of the return and any questions the customer may have about it, we take the work off your hands. So you don’t have to do anything else.  

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