Stock returns

On this page, you will find out how stock returns work.

Have salable stock returned 

Would you like to have your saleable stock returned? The cost for this is €0,42 per returned item, plus shipping costs. It works as follows: 

  • Retrieve stock of items
    In ‘Mijn artikelen’, select the items whose stock you want returned. Click ‘Bewerk aanbod’ and then choose ‘Lvb voorraad terughalen’. 
  • Retrieve the stock of a large number of items
    If you have a list of EANs in Excel that you want to be returned, you can copy this list in Excel and then paste it into the search bar. Below that, tick the box next to ‘Selecteer items uit de lijst om acties op uit te voeren‘. Click ‘Bewerk aanbod’ and then choose ‘Lvb voorraad terughalen’. 

Have unsalable stock returned 

  1. Automatic return:
    This is the default choice. In your seller account under  ‘Instellingen’ and ‘Logistiek via bol’ you can set how many unsellable items you want to be returned automatically. Here you also enter the return address where you want to receive this stock. You can enter a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 200 items here. The counter is automatically set to 15 items. The cost for this is €0,42 per returned item, plus shipping costs. You will receive a packing slip with the return shipment that lists the customers’ return reasons, if available. The shipping costs can be found here. 
  1. Have items destroyed:
    Would you like to have items destroyed? Then contact Partner Service to carry this further. The cost for this is €0,42 per article. 

Unsalable stock can only be returned in its entirety or destroyed. 

Have you received the wrong item in a return, or is an item missing? Please contact Partnerservice with the following information: 

  • The RMA reference, which can be found on the packing slip and in the email you receive after a shipment is returned. 
  • The BSKU and the information given on the yellow sticker of the article received. 

*Look here for more information on the unsalable stock.

Damage or loss 

Is there any damage or is an item missing from your returned stock? If so, please contact Partnerservice as soon as possible after receiving the shipment and at the latest within two weeks. Please include the following information: 

  • Any photos of the damage. 
  • Description of the product packaging (consider: dimensions, colour, any stickers and logos or other identifying marks). 
  • Content (please provide any internal product codes with a description of the items). 
  • The value of the shipment. 


Unfortunately, it is not possible to indicate in advance what the dimensions of the return shipment will be. The packaging method is determined by the type of items. For example, to prevent damage, heavy shipments are sent on a pallet and items are bundled as much as possible so that you can easily unpack the shipment. 

Return address 

The return address can be changed in the seller account. Go to ‘Instellingen’ and under the heading ‘Diensten’ choose the option ‘Logistiek via’. Please note the following: 

  • The return address cannot be a reply number or a PO box. 
  • A street name can contain a maximum of 40 characters. Is the street name longer? In that case, shorten the name (e.g. ‘Burg.’ instead of ‘Burgemeester’).

Delivery of saleable or unsalable stock

Saleable and unsalable stock will be sent via returns. Please note the following: 

  • Change delivery address
    Has a return already been created but an incorrect address appears in the confirmation e-mail you received? If so, please contact Partnerservice. 
  • Delivery appointment
    It is not possible to make a delivery appointment for returning saleable or unsellable stock. 
  • Collection point
    It is also possible to have stock sent back to an address in France, Germany or the UK. Please note that these addresses are not automatically checked for correctness. This risk therefore lies with you. Also, the cost of returning stock to an address outside the Netherlands or Belgium is higher. 

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