Ship your items

Once your items have been properly converted, pre-announced and labelled, it's time to deliver the shipment to

Please read the information below carefully before delivering your shipment to the fulfilment center.

Addresses indicates on the shipping label to which address the items should be sent. Unfortunately, it is not possible to deliver items to the bol fulfilment center yourself, as it is not possible to ensure the safety of private individuals and passenger cars due to the number of logistics carriers on site. Therefore, a professional carrier should always be used for this purpose. The correct address, which you can pass on to the carrier, is automatically generated in your seller account and can be found on the shipping label. 

Bol has the following fulfilment centers:

Ingram Micro
Bol – Ingram Micro
Veerweg 16
5145 NS Waalwijk 

Bol fulfilment center 1
Bol – BFC site 1
Mechie Trommelenweg 1
5145 ND Waalwijk 

Bol fulfilment center  2
Bol – BFC site 2
Mechie Trommelenweg 1
5145 ND Waalwijk 

Shipping labels

Every delivery should have a shipping label as found in the seller account. The shipping label should be clearly visible (not under the packaging material or in the box). 

When attaching the correct shipping label(s), take into account: 

  • When delivery is made by a parcel service, the packing list reference, which appears on the shipping label, must be given to the parcel service. 
  • The packing list reference must appear on the parcel service’s transport label and correspond exactly to the packing list reference as pre-reported in the sales account (see step 2 under the heading ‘Door Policy’). 
  • Your name and address should be on the parcel delivery label. 
  • When delivering goods via bol’s delivery service, it is important that the entire Logistiek via bol (Logistics via bol) shipping label is placed on the box.
  • With multiple packages or pallets, you will also receive multiple shipping labels. Make sure that the unique shipping label is attached to all packages or pallets. This is because it is important that each pallet or package has a unique shipping label (and not accidently a packing list) and a unique code on the shipping label.
  • Make sure your label is clearly printed. Printer ink that is running low, for example, will create noise on the barcode. If it does, we won’t be able to properly process your load carrier at our distribution center.

Logistics via bol shipping label – bol delivery service & Logistics via bol shipping label – own carrier


When delivering on pallet, it is important to attach a shipping label on the short side of the pallet and on the long side of the pallet. 

When delivered by box, all labels should be stuck on the same side. 

Door policy

On weekdays from 7:00-17:00, your shipment can be unloaded at bol warehouses. Please note: On public holidays it is therefore not possible to deliver. 

If a delivery does not meet the conditions set by, the delivery will be refused on arrival or returned after receipt. Any costs will be at your expense. It is therefore advisable to check a shipment yourself and not to have it sent directly from the supplier to 

The delivery will be returned to the return address indicated on the delivery. If no return address is indicated, the return address known in your sales account will be used. This happens when: 

  1. The driver cannot hand over a packing list reference. 
  2. You did not submit a digital pre-announcement or did so too late. 
  3. The delivery date in the delivery does not match the date the physical delivery arrived at the bol fulfilment center. 
  4. Your name or the packing list reference does not appear on the parcel service’s transport label or does not match the pre-notified packing list reference. 
  5. The cargo carrier(s) contains items from multiple partners. 
  6. The delivery arrives damaged at the bol fulfilment center.
  7. A parcel weighs more than 15 kilos; if a parcel weighs more, it should be delivered on a pallet. 
  8. A package is larger than 1 cubic meter. When a package is larger, it should be delivered on a pallet. 
  9. A pallet is higher than 1.80 meter. 

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Pre-announce your items

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