Financial processing

Read all about the financial processing of Logistiek via (Logistics via here.

Sales invoice

We bundle all income from the month, i.e. orders you have sent yourself and those sent with Logistics via, into one clear invoice: the Sales Invoice. This adds up all revenues minus all expenses, such as pick and pack and stock costs. Returns are settled in the period in which the return takes place. 

You will find it in your seller dashboard below the ‘Financiën’ tab. 

The Sales Invoice is available on the 1st day of the following month. Using the ‘Download factuur’ button, you can download a summary of income and expenses for the previous month. You can view the details of this income and expenditure via the invoice specification. You can download the invoice specification via the dropdown button. 

Daily report

This gives you daily insight into your stock, orders and returns. This report is generated once a day and can be downloaded up to 28 days back; in this report you can see data up to 14 days back. 

1. Open the Logistics via daily report

This can be found in your seller dashboard below ‘Artikelen’ – ‘Logistiek via’ – ‘Mijn Logistiek via dagrapportage’

2. See tab 1 for explanation

This tab explains the Logistics via daily reportOn the right-hand sideyou will find link to relevant article for each field.

3. View tab 2 for 'Productinformatie', 'Gisteren' and 'Overzicht 14 dagen'

Within this tab, the leftmost columns describe your product information, the middle columns are about yesterday’s overview and the right-hand columns about the past 14 daysThe notes tab contains short description for each column. 

4. See tab 3 for details

Within this tab, you can read the details per item. The leftmost columns show the product information per item and the right-hand columns the details in terms of number of items ordered per day, sales in EUR per day and number of items returned. 

VAT across the border

Cross-border sales are subject to different VAT rules (called ‘intra-community supplies‘) in relation to sales to business customers and ‘distance sales’ in relation to sales to private customers.


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