Adjust pre-announcement

If you want to restock in our fulfillment center, it is important to pre-announce this shipment. This way we make sure our logistics process runs as smoothly as possible and we can plan to have enough operators to process your shipment. You can adjust your pre-announcement at any time. On this page we will tell you how.

When you pre-announcing a shipment, you indicate how many and which pallets, packages and items will be delivered to us. You can deliver your shipment using your own carrier or by using the collect-and-delivery service of Different delivery options apply to both.

*You can adjust details of a shipment by your own carrier up to the time of delivery.

How to adjust items

You can easily adjust your pre-announcement via your sales account.

1. Go to the menu 'Artikelen'

You will find the tab ‘Artikelen’ in your sales account.

2. Select 'Mijn Lvb-zendingen'

3. Click the 'Bewerk' button of the pre-announced shipment that you want to adjust

4. Adjust the data

To adjust the number of items, click on the relevant item and adjust the quantity. To delete the item, uncheck the box.

5. Click 'Opslaan'

Your shipment has been adjusted!

How to adjust the delivery details

By clicking on the ‘Bewerk’ button of the shipment it concerns, you can easily adjust the details of the delivery, such as the type of load carrier, number of packages, number of pallets, delivery days and collection appointments.

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Pre-announce your items

The first step of a smooth logistics process is announcing the items to us. You do this by pre-announcing them. This allows you to indicate exactly how many items you deliver to and when.

Label your items

All items that you deliver to our distribution center must be labeled with a Logistics via label (bSKU). This way we can be sure that an order is sent from the correct stock. You can do the labeling yourself or have us do it for you.

Ship your items

Once your items have been converted, pre-announced and labeled correctly, it is time to deliver the shipment to