Processing order via your own shipping method

If you use 'Andere verzendwijze' (other shipping method), you do not buy your stamps via bol (Pakketzegels via bol) but arrange your shipping elsewhere. The step-by-step plan below tells you how it works if you opt for a different shipping method.

1. Order confirmation

Both you and the customer will receive an e-mail with the order.

2. Checking order

We check the order before it is shown in your seller dashboard. Once we see that everything is correct, it appears.

3. Open order

You find this order and any other unprocessed orders at the ‘Bestellingen’ (orders) menu button.

4. Processing order

Do you have the item in stock? Then handle the order as soon as possible.

  1. Go to your seller dashboard.
  2. Go to the ‘Bestellingen’ (orders) page.
  3. Click on ‘Eigen verzendwijze’ (own shipping method).
  4. Select carrier.
  5. Fill out track & trace number.
  6. Process the order.

Handle multiple orders at the same time? There are 2 options for this:

  1. To handle all open orders on the page, click the ‘Selecteer alles’ (select all) box. A maximum of 25 orders can be handled at a time.
  2. To handle a selection of orders on the page, tick the orders individually.

5. Select a delivery service

  1. Select your carrier. Is your carrier not listed? Then choose ‘Anders’ (other).
  2. Enter the track & trace number.
  3. Enter your own attribute for your own records (not mandatory).
  4. Click ‘Verwerken’ (process) at the bottom left.

After confirmation, bol will send the customer an e-mail, specifying the delivery date, delivery service and the track & trace number.

Please note: If the order has been confirmed with the wrong tracking details, it is no longer possible to adjust this. If this is the case, you can contact the customer yourself and send them the correct tracking details.


If the item is too large, too heavy or too valuable for regular parcel or letter post, it will have to be delivered to the customer by means of a delivery appointment. In this case, you can choose from ‘Dynalogic’, ‘Extra@Home’ or ‘Bezorgafspraak’ (delivery appointment) at ‘Vervoerder’ (carrier). In this case you are responsible for making a delivery appointment with the customer. In these cases, bol asks customers to provide a telephone number for this. A collection appointment must also be made for any return request. If you use the bol returns service, it is unfortunately not possible to collect labels via bol. You will have to arrange the return yourself.

6. Download the packing slip (optional)

The packing slip for each order can be downloaded as a PDF in the seller account. You have 3 options for doing so:

  • After confirming the order via the ‘Download pakbonnen’ button.
  • At ‘Bestellingen’, below the ‘Eigen verzendwijze’ tab you can download them individually or all at once via the ‘Download alle pakbonnen’ button
  • At ‘Bestellingen’, below the ‘Verzonden’ tab you can download them by order.

A packing slip is not a warranty certificate or invoice and is intended to provide information about the order, such as:

  • the delivery address of the buyer
  • the item ordered
  • the selling price
  • return instructions
  • an assessment request
  • contact details for enquiries

If the order number is shown on the shipping label, it is not mandatory to enclose the packing slip. Click here for a packing slip example.

7. Add the packing slip (optional) and your own shipping label to the shipment

  1. Print out the shipping label of each order. Is the order number not shown on the label? Then print out the packing slip as well.
  2. If you have printed the packing slip, put it in the parcel.
  3. Stick the shipping label to the parcel.
    Note: make sure the barcode of the shipping label is easily scannable. The barcode should be fully printed and visible; make sure no tape, tape or foil is stuck over it.
  4. Deliver your parcel on time to a delivery service drop-off point.
    Note: choose quality packaging in which the item cannot move and is protected from damage, so that the customer receives their order in good condition.

Automate via bol

If you don’t want to handle bol orders in your seller dashboard but rather in your own system, you can use Automate via bol. There are several third parties that can help automate your orders and shipments, among other things.

If you want to build and manage the link yourself, you can automate your orders and shipments. Note that this requires technical knowledge.

8. Done! What next?

Once the order is confirmed, the customer will automatically receive an e-mail containing the track & trace number and the expected delivery date.

You can find your payment on your next sales invoice.

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