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Track & trace number

To keep customers happy, it is important that they receive their orders on time. It is known that customers want to know where their order is and when they can expect it to arrive. So with a track & trace number, you can be of better service. Find out here how to add a track & trace number to your orders.

A track & trace number is always a desirable addition to the order for your customer. For parcels, a track & trace number is even mandatory – for letter post and delivery appointments, this does not apply.

Depending on how you have the order delivered to the customer, there are 3 ways to add a track & trace number:

Via ‘Parcel stamps via’

When you buy your discounted shipping stamps via ‘Pakketzegels via’ (Parcel stamps via, you will automatically receive a track & trace number. As soon as you confirm the order, the customer will receive an email containing the track & trace number, the delivery service and the expected delivery date.

Via own delivery service

Do you ship your orders via your own delivery service? Then you can add the track & trace number in your seller dashboard. After the order is confirmed, an e-mail is sent to the customer automatically, so they can track the parcel.

Do you work automatically via the Retailer API? Then you can automatically include a track & trace number and the delivery service. If you have any questions about this, please contact the specialist who created the link for you. For additional questions, please contact Partnerservice.

Automate via

If you want to handle your orders not in your seller account, but in your own system, you can use Automate via There are several third parties that can help automate your orders/shipments, among other things.

If you want to build and manage the link yourself, you can automate your orders and shipments. Note that this requires technical knowledge.

Via a delivery appointment

Choose delivery service ‘Delivery appointment’. You can then enter your own reference and a track & trace number below. Contact the customer by phone or send him an email regarding the delivery appointment.

How track & trace numbers affect your performance score

A track & trace number is important for your scores on the service standards, because it affects customer satisfaction. Therefore, the following standards are taken into consideration:

  • Track & trace number
    This tracks how many of your orders contain a track & trace number – the service standard for this is 100% for parcel shipments.
  • Delivered on time
    Here, the track & trace number is used to check whether an order was delivered to the customer on the specified delivery date. The service standard for this is 93%.

In your seller account, the ‘Prestaties’ (performance) menu gives you more insight into your scores on these (and also all other) service standards.

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