Shipping costs

Read all about including shipping costs in your retail price.

Your retail price is the price that’s visible on our platform. This price includes shipping costs. In order to charge customers for shipping costs, you would have to include them in the retail price. It is not possible to show the shipping costs separately from the item’s price on the product page or during checkout.

Calculation example: you want to offer a kettle for 22.50 euros. Your shipping label costs 4.50 euros. You can offer this item (provided your price complies with the pricing policy) for 27 euros.

Shipping costs are part of the relevant market price. Adding to retail price to shipping costs equals the relevant market price. We compare it to shipping costs of competitors, which depend on the price of the item.

  1. Items less than 20 euros: we charge a minimum of 2.99 euros and a maximum of 7 euros shipping costs.
  2. Items between 20 euros and 100 euros: we charge the maximum shipping costs of 7 euros.
  3. Items more than 100 euros: shipping costs are fully included.

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