Return damaged or missing

This page will give you more information about returns that are damaged or missing.

This is how you help the customer if a return is damaged or missing 

Something can always go wrong when it comes to returning orders – due to damage or loss, for example. Your customer is responsible for shipping, handing it over to a selected delivery service and receiving the track & trace number of the parcel. If something unexpectedly goes wrong, our advice is to contact the customer about this and come to a solution together. 

In case of missing or damaged returns with own delivery service

If you yourself are responsible for the returns, you can request an investigation at the delivery service used by you. You have to make a possible request for reimbursement at your own delivery service.

If the received item is damaged or incomplete, you can send the customer pictures to show how the item was returned. These pictures can help with the investigation.

In case of missing or damaged returns with a return label

Is your order being returned with a return label? Then will take care of the submission of the complaint if the package is damaged or missing due to the fault of the delivery service. In this case, please contact Partnerservice. They will be happy to help you.

If a parcel is damaged, it is useful to collect the following information before contacting us:

  • The invoice
  • Pictures of the packaging and damaged contents (if applicable).

If you do send pictures, they should meet the following criteria: 

  • A picture of the entire package, in which the package label is visible
  • A picture taken from above of the opened package, clearly showing the contents and inner packaging of the package
  • A picture of all types of inner packaging that were included in the package
  • A picture of the entire scope of the item
  • A detail picture of the specific damage to the item

Does your claim meet the conditions of a missing parcel? Then you will receive confirmation and a compensation of 25% of the retail value of the item excluding VAT.

In the case of damage caused by the delivery service, compensation depends on the condition of the item. If the item was damaged by the customer, you should find a solution together.

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