Change the status of the return

If you want to change the status of the return, read how to do so here.

Still accept the return?

If you choose the option ‘Artikel ruilen’ (exhange item) or ‘Artikel repareren’ (repair item), but decide to accept the return after consulting with the customer, you can do this yourself in your seller dashboard. In the ‘Bestellingen’ menu, at the tab ‘Retouren (nieuw) you will find the button ‘Verwerk’. By clicking on it, you can then change the status to ‘Alsnog goedgekeurd’.

If you choose ‘Artikel voldoet niet aan retourvoorwaarden’ (item does not meet return conditions) for a specific item, but you would rather change this after all, then you are able to arrange it yourself in your seller dashboard (up to 90 days after the return notification has been refused).

Resubmit the return?

Would you like to resubmit a cancelled return (with the customer keeping the items)? You do this by re-entering the return notification in your seller dashboard. In the ‘Bestellingen’ menu, under the ‘Retouren’ tab, use the ‘retour aanmaken’ button to look up the relevant order number and still (or again) report the return of the items concerned.

Expired return or accept it after all?

Up to 2 years after the order’s original shipping date, you can still accept the return, by resubmitting the return notification in your seller dashboard. Navitage to the ‘Retouren’ tab in the ‘Bestellingen’ menu, find the relevant order number via the ‘retour aanmaken’ button and report the relevant items as returned (again). You can then indicate which status you want to give the return in question. Approve the new return, or refuse or exchange it, for example.

Have you not yet received the item? Then also check the box to send a return label to the customer if you use the bol returns service. The customer will receive the return label both in their customer account and by e-mail and can then return the item to you. If you do not use the bol return service, you will have to provide the customer with a return label yourself.

Not accepting the return?

If you previously chose ‘Retour goed ontvangen’ (return received in good condition) and you now want to change this, you have to contact Partnerservice. Unfortunately, it is not possible to do change this status yourself.

Handling a return of multiple items?

If the customer orders multiple copies of an item, it may happen that some of them are returned. In this case, the customer must register the entire order as a return in the purchase account and specify the number of items they are returning.

When you receive and process these returns, you can indicate the number of items returned. Enter this in the question ‘Aantal?’. If the items are to be handled in different ways, you can do so via the ‘Voeg regel’ button. Then you can attach a status to each quantity. See also the following example:

The customer will be refunded, and you will receive your payment based on the amount you enter here.

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Receiving a return without a return notification

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