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Return stamp via bol

The return stamp offers an automated return process with less return costs per parcel. partly reimburses the return costs

Customers can always return items they bought via for free. You can purchase return stamps from a delivery service selected by This service allows you to purchase these return stamps for letterbox packages and packages at an affordable rate. pays part of the rate.

Automated return process

We want to make the returns process as easy as possible, both for you and the customer. With the return stamp we ensure that the return process is automatic. This is how it works:

  • Immediately after the return notification, the customer will receive a return label in their customer account.
  • This label is automatically linked to a track & trace code, visible in your selling account.
  • The delivery service is responsible for transport.
  • You will automatically find the costs on your Sales Invoice. We only charge you when the customer actually uses the return label.
  • If a return package is damaged or missing during shipping, will take care of filing the complaint for you. Does your claim meet the conditions for a missing package? You will then receive a compensation of 25% of the sales value excluding VAT. This compensation is out of courtesy and not obligatory. chooses whether or not to compensate.

Are you interested in using the affordable return stamp? Please let us know in your selling account.

  1. Go to ‘Instellingen’ at the top right
  2. Click on ‘Retouren’ below ‘Mijn winkel’
  3. Then choose ‘Retourwijze’
  4. At the top, you indicate that you want to use the return stamp
  5. Confirm your choice with the ‘Opslaan’ button

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