Get started with Shipping via bol

Are you ready to get started with Shipping via bol? Find out how to get off to a flying start on this page!

1. Sign up for Shipping via bol

Before you can get started with Shipping via bol (Vvb), it is important that you sign up for this service. You can do this via the registration form in your seller dashboard. Here you choose the service you want to start with and enter your desired start date. Please note that this date cannot be changed once you have entered it.

2. Convert your range to your Vvb service and check packaging dimensions

Do you use the seller dashboard? Go to ‘Mijn artikelen’ and then click on the pencil below ‘Levertijd‘ (delivery time) and choose the appropriate Vvb service. Want to convert several items at once? Select all the items you want to convert, click ‘Bewerk prijs‘ and select ‘Levertijd bewerken’, or upload them via Excel.

Immediately set the packaging dimensions correctly so that the correct shipping seal is automatically displayed when an order is placed. In case of missing package dimensions, the system automatically sets a parcel seal for you. Read more about changing product information.

Do you use your own software (via the Retailer API) or third-party software (intermediary)? Check the manual of your software to find out how to put your items on Vvb or contact your intermediary. You can also find more information on the page Automation and Shipping via bol.

3. Receiving an order

Have you received an order for items where you have set the delivery promise Shipping via bol? In the seller dashboard, go to your orders overview and then to the ‘Verzenden via bol’ tab.

Orders in this tab are sorted by the date you need to hand them over to the carrier. The orders you need to process first are at the top of this list. It is important to stick to the indicated date and not hand in your orders earlier or later.

4. Selecting a shipping stamp

A shipping stamp is suggested. If you want, you can change this seal and choose a parcel seal instead of a letterbox seal, for example. You do this by hovering your mouse over the respective order so that a pencil appears, with which you can change the shipping seal.

Click ‘Download verzendzegel’ to download the shipping stamp and then ‘Process’. This can also be done in bulk with 25 orders at a time. Now you have completed all the steps in the sales account.

At the moment, it is not yet possible to link multiple stamps to 1 or different orders. We are working on this.

5. Dropping off packages or have them collected

With Shipping via bol, we take over the responsibility for delivery. You are solely responsible for handing over the orders to the delivery service on time. You can choose to deliver your parcels yourself or use the pick-up service. If you choose to give your parcels orders to your own collection service or hand them in directly to a depot, you do so at your own risk. Before dropping off your parcels, always check the clearance time of the collection point.

6. All done!

Your work is done! It is now up to the carrier to deliver your parcels to the customer on time. You are not responsible for this and will therefore not be called to account.

7. Invoicing

The costs for the Shipping via bol service are invoiced by bol and can be found on your Sales Invoice that you receive each invoicing period in your seller dashboard.

If you have not confirmed the order by the third day after the delivery deadline, the order will expire and be cancelled automatically. After cancelling the order, it is no longer visible in your account and you cannot be paid for it, even if you have delivered the order. It is not possible to provide you with customer details and it is not possible for bol to contact the customer about this. The cancellation is final.

Do you have questions about transporting your orders or working with Shipping via bol? Please contact Partnerservice at

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