Customer cancels the order

A customer can still cancel an order as long as you did not confirm it yet. What happens when a customer cancels the order, you read on this page.

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2 possible scenarios

There are 2 possible scenarios in the event that the customer cancels the order.

  • Cancellation before or on the promised delivery date
    Was the order canceled before or on the promised delivery date? If so, this is their own choice and does not influence your performance score.
  • Cancellation after the promised delivery date
    If the customer cancels his order after the promised delivery date, this does count for the service standard ‘Annuleringen’ because the customer did not receive the order on time. This situation creates more customer dissatisfaction – it is therefore important to always deliver orders on the promised delivery date.

Cancellation request received

If a shipment has not yet been confirmed or cancelled by you, the customer can submit a cancellation request to you. Both you and the customer will then automatically receive a cancellation request by e-mail. In addition, the cancellation request appears in your seller dashboard. You can find it at unprocessed orders (openstaande bestellingen).

Accepting the customer’s cancellation request works through the following steps:

1. Go to your seller dashboard

Click ‘Bestellingen’ en go to ‘Openstaand’.

2. Accept cancellation

At the order it concerns, click ‘Annulering accepteren’.

3. Confirm concellation

Then click on ‘Yes, cancel’. The customer will automatically receive a confirmation of the cancellation.

Automate via bol
If you don’t want to handle cancellation requests in your selling dashboard, but rather in your own system, you can use Automate via bol. There are several third parties that can help automate your orders and cancellations, among other things.

If you want to build and manage the link yourself, you can automate your cancellation requests. Note that this requires technical knowledge.

Undo cancellation request

If a customer says they still want to receive the order after they have sent a cancellation request, then do confirm the order. This way, the cancellation request expires.

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