Setting up campaigns

The step-by-step plan below is the quickest way to learn to set up your campaigns.

1. Set up your campaign

We advise you to start with an automatic campaign
You can bid automatically or manually:

  • With automatic bidding, you only set a campaign budget and/or daily budget and an ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) target and the tool does the rest!
  • With manual bidding, you have more control over the click price, because you set the maximum you want to pay for a click! Here, you can choose to set a maximum click price per item or per keyword. We advise you to start with an automatic campaign.

Select keywords and exclusion words

Then it’s time to select keywords and exclusion words. Selecting keywords for your items is an essential part of your ad strategy. This too can be done manually or automatically. Bidding on the right keywords for your items can improve your sales and organic placement. This will ultimately affect your sales positively.

Set a spending limit and start date

Set your spending limit and choose a start and any end date. Do you have a particular promotion for your items? Then set an end date so the campaign stops running when your promotion is over. Adjust the duration accordingly. Keep in mind a duration of 2 weeks because the algorithm needs some time to learn so that sponsored products can link the items to the right keywords. After this lead time of the algorithm, your campaign will start running effectively. It is wise to have enough inventory after that period too, then it will be worth your investment too.

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2. Adjust your campaigns where necessary

When your campaigns start running, you are definitely not done yet! Keep a close eye on your campaigns and adjust when necessary. Use the reports available.

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