Benefits of the Advertising API

You might be wondering if the Advertising API is of interest to you. Below, we briefly outline its advantages. We also give you more information about the difference between the sponsored products environment and the Advertising API. This will hopefully help you make a good choice that suits you!

Interesting for you 

The Advertising API is of interest to all advertisers at It reduces manual operations in your sponsored products management and reporting. It also makes it easier to set up extensive campaign structures for sponsored products. In many cases, this leads to better results from your ads. 

More convenience 

We list the differences in capabilities you can build on our API for you below. Many of these capabilities are already available if you use one of our third-party APIs. 

You have 1 overview of all your marketing campaigns, including those outside All this leaves you more time to focus on what you love doing: doing business! 

Differences between current environment & Advertising API 

You may already be using the sponsored products environment. But what does the Advertising API add compared to this environment? We list the differences in features for you:  

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