Work with advertising software

You can choose to use a third-party provider or get started yourself. We provide information for both options below.

Specifications to build yourself

Do you already have your own ad management software and would like to manage your ads in your own system? With the Advertising API, you can retrieve and create ads in your own system.

Check out the technical specifications you need here.

Engaging third party

Are you already a partner of and want to use our Advertising API, but want some help? Then see which third parties can help you. They can help you, for example, if you want to properly track how much you spend on different marketing channels.

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Checklist for a good start

Want to put your first campaign live and looking for information on the right settings?

Benefits of the Advertising API

You might be wondering if the Advertising API is of interest to you. Read all about the benefits to make the right choice.