Choosing strategy

You can choose from 4 different strategies to deploy sponsored products. Find out more about which strategy best suits your range.

Which strategy fits your range?

You can choose 4 different strategies. We briefly explain them below:

1. Engage your runners

Highlight your best-selling items, the so-called runners-up, even more with sponsored products. Ideally, you want these to be visible on both list pages and product pages. If you have best-selling items in a particular category, create a runner campaign. Then manually add the best-performing keywords to this, so your runners will be seen here.


2. Use new items

Give your new items an instant boost on For a new item, it can take a long time before you get many impressions, clicks and conversions. By using sponsored products, you immediately put these items in the spotlight and increase visibility. In addition, this way, you immediately boost the organic ranking of your items.


3. Deploy your remaining stock

If you have leftover stock of certain items, make them stand out more with sponsored products. More customers will see your items and you will get rid of your remaining stock faster.


4. Deploy all your items

Want to use sponsored products for all your items? You can! We recommend splitting your campaigns to achieve even better results. You can split by category or by performance. This way, you ensure that your items are visible where consumers are looking for them.

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