Creating product groups

A product group allows you to better structure your campaigns.

Creating product groups

When creating a new campaign, you will be asked to name and create an initial product group. After creating the campaign, you can then create additional product groups in the campaign. Product groups are mini-campaigns within your main campaigns. This makes your account a lot clearer because by using product groups, you have a less long list of campaigns and build more structure into your account. 

Do you have a diverse offer within a campaign?

Then we recommend you create multiple product groups and add unique relevant keywords in each product group. This way, you will ensure that your various products are delivered only on the most relevant keywords. 

Example: For example, you sell different types of shoes. Then you can create a campaign ‘Schoenen’ and then place all items in this campaign. Your campaign just delivers, but you have a lot more structure if you create different product groups. 

We recommend creating the following product groups for this shoe campaign: 

Campaign: Schoenen

  • Product group 1: Veterschoenen
  • Product group 2: Laarzen
  • Product group 3: Sneakers
  • Product group 4: Sportschoenen

The advantage is that you can see at a glance how your products are performing per product group. In addition, you can easily add and pause products and keywords per product group. 

If we then take the product group ‘Veterschoenen’ as an example, it is advisable to add the following keywords and exclusion keywords, among others: 

Product group 1: Veterschoenen

  • Keyword 1: Veterschoenen
  • Keyword 2: Veterschoenen voor heren
  • Keyword 3: Leren veterschoenen
  • Exclusion keyword 1: Laarzen
  • Exclusion keyword 2: Sneakers
  • Exclusion keyword 3: Sportschoenen

The keywords ensure that your lace-up shoes are only shown on relevant keywords. The exclusion keywords ensure that there is no possibility of your ‘Veterschoenen’ being shown on these terms. After all, when a customer searches for Laarzen‘, you would obviously much rather the products in your product group Laarzenbe shown. 

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