Add or change image per item

Read all about adding or modifying images to your product information, one item at a time.

1. Selecting the item for which you want to add or change images

In your seller dashboard, click on ‘Artikelen’ at the top and then choose ‘Mijn artikelen’. Select the item for which you want to add or edit the images. Click ‘Bewerk productinformatie’ or ‘Bekijk artikel’.

2. Adding images

If the item does not have images yet, you can add them below ‘Afbeelding uploaden’.

It’s also possible to add images through an API. Most integrators listed here can do this automatically for you. If you build your own link, you can go to the next page to read all about how to send content, including images, via the API.

2.1 Add images from your own file or folder:
Click ‘Upload je afbeeldingen’ and choose images from your own file.

2.2 Add URLs of images:
Do you have URLs for your product images? Then choose ‘Afbeelding toevoegen via URL’:

3. Selecting views

Enter the best-fitting view for each image. This ensures that the system automatically rearranges them to the correct order. We determine this order based on quality and customer data. Do you have several images with the same view? You can choose the same view several times. All unique images will appear online. Click ‘Wijzigingen opslaan’ to add the images.

4. Changing images or taking them offline

If you want to change a view because it is incorrect, you can select and save a new view at any time. If an image is completely incorrect, or you have added the same view with a better quality, you can take the wrong image offline by clicking on the bin. Make sure to click ‘Wijzigingen opslaan’.

5. Your offline images

Have you taken images offline? You can find the images you have taken offline below the heading ‘Jouw offline afbeeldingen’. If another partner has taken an image of yours offline, you will also find it here. You can permanently delete these images by clicking the bin. You can also put an image back online by clicking the round arrow:

6. And now... wait!

Additions or changes will be processed within 8 hours and will then be visible on bol.

7. Image guidelines

To remain visible on bol and Google, it is important that images meet the following guidelines:

  • The file size is minimum 30 KB and maximum 10 MB.
  • The image is of high quality: minimum 500×500 pixels and maximum 6000×6000 pixels. White spaces in images do not count towards the set minimum and maximum pixels.
  • The image features a white background.
  • Displays only the item, without logos, watermarks or text.
  • For the main image, do not use an image combining the front, side and rear views in 1 image.
  • The main image should not be a mood image.
  • For the main image, do not use an illustration, drawing, logo or icon to represent the item.
  • No promotional elements, such as price, discount, free shipping or service expressions such as extended warranty.
  • No frame around the image.

If the images do not meet these requirements, an error message will be displayed.

In addition, each image undergoes a number of optimisations before appearing on the platform. These optimisations are:

  • White spaces are cropped automatically.
  • The quality is optimised for the platform. This minimises the leading time to ensure the customer experiences high page loading speed. This may affect the colour fidelity and sharpness of the image(s).
  • When a duplicate is detected, this image will not be loaded. A duplicate is a one-to-one copy.

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