Add product information for multiple items in your seller account

Read more about how product information is structured and how to add it for multiple items.

How is product information structured?

To successfully sell your range of products via bol, it’s important to have good product information. After all, this information helps the customer to consider their possible purchase. The more information they have, the more likely they are to make a purchase. Besides that, if your product information is complete, it increases in item’s findability – both within bol and via external search engines like Google. However, not all information is equally essential, which is why it is good to know to levels of information:

  • Basic information: basic information necessary for a customer to see what kind of item is involved. Think of the EAN, title and at least 1 image.
  • Mandatory information: information that is minimally required to get your item online.
  • Optional information: additional information that helps customers get a better understanding of an item and allows them to make a purchase faster.

How do you add information to multiple items via the seller dashboard?

You can add or change the product information of several items at once in the seller dashboard. You do this using the following steps:

1. Go to your offer

In your seller dashboard, click on ‘Items’ at the top and then choose ‘Mijn Aanbod’ (my offer).

2. Find the items you want to edit

Find the items for which you want to edit the product information. This can be done by typing the EAN, ISBN or title in the search bar.

3. Select the items you want to edit

Tick the items you want to edit and click ‘Bewerk productinformatie’ (edit product information) at the top. You will then see the screen below.

4. Choose 'Op basis van selectie'

You will then see the screen below, where you can immediately improve your product information.

By using the ‘Verplicht’ (mandatory) and ‘Optioneel’ (optional) filters, you can immediately see which fields still need to be filled. Use the scroll option at the bottom to see all columns and rows where product information is still missing. Enter the product information directly in the screen.

Tips for editing product information in bulk:

  • Use the filters.
  • By default, you get a total overview of all your items. You can make this overview more compact by choosing between the different product categories at the top.
  • Mandatory (red).
    Use the filter ‘Verplicht’ to filter those items for which information is mandatory in order to get the item online. You can recognise these mandatory fields by their red colour.
  • Finally, fill in the optional product information in the green boxes to optimise the findability of your item.

By filling in this product information, your items will be found even better and help customers in the buying process.

Tips and tricks

Want to view the table full screen? Click the square icon with the blue corners in the top right to display your table full screen. This makes it easier to fill the product information.
Drag values to multiple fields: Click the blue square at the bottom right of the field and drag it up or down to drag values to multiple fields.
See full text: Click the field twice to expand it, allowing you to read the full text it contains. This is very useful for ‘Productnaam’ and ‘Beschrijving’, for example.
Change column: Likewise in Excel, you can widen and narrow a column. Move your mouse between two column titles, click and drag it to widen or narrow the column.

Have you finished? When you click ‘Wijzigingen opslaan’ at the bottom, the information will be processed.

And now… Just a moment!

Additions or changes will be processed within 8 hours and may then be visible on bol. It is also possible that after 8 hours, your changes may not be visible on bol. This may be because priority has been given to existing or other new product information from other partners or brands.

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