Status of product information edits

Read all about the status of your product information after you edited it.

View product information changes

In your seller dashboard, you can see the status of changes you have made to product information. You can do this in 2 ways:

  1. When you click on ‘View item’ in your item overview via the 3 dots, you will find the ‘Changed product information’ link on the right-hand side. Clicking this will take you to this item’s feedback page. Here you can see on which day you made a change, what your proposal was and the status of your proposal.
  2. Have you modified or supplemented the product information of several items, and would you like to see the status of these? Then click on ‘Artikelen’, ‘Gewijzigde productinformatie’ and then on ‘Mijn wijzigingen’ in the menu bar at the top of your seller dashboard. Here you will find an overview of all items for which you have made changes. If you click on ‘Bekijk’, you will see the actual modification with its status. Here you can also see why (some) changes have not been implemented and what you can do about it. Feedback on changes will be visible for 28 days.

Product information changes by others

For an overview of all your items for which other sellers have made product information changes, click ‘Artikelen’ in the menu bar of your seller dashboard and then ‘Wijzigingen per product’. Here you can filter, for example, all items whose titles have been changed. Do you want to see the actual change for 1 of these articles? Click the ‘Bekijk’ button. You then go to the page ‘Wijzigingen per product’. Here, you can also view who made the changes.

Status of my edit

For all possible statuses, see the information below:

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