Notice and Take Down procedure

With the Notice and Take Down (NTD) form, you can report illegal items or content. On this page you will read more about it.

Notice and Take Down procedure

Do you see illegal content* (for example items or content such as product descriptions) on our platform based on the Digital Services Act (DSA) or a violation of the General Sales Conditions for Professional Sales via Then you can report this based on the Notice and Take Down (NTD) procedure. This includes content that is in violation of applicable laws and regulations or the General Sales Conditions for Professional Sales via

The NTD procedure shows how bol handles reports about illegal content. In addition, we can talk to the submitter, the partner or third parties for more information or to discuss the matter.

*Examples of illegal content: unsafe or prohibited items, infringement of intellectual property rights, inappropriate or harmful content, fraud, hate speech or discrimination. The form clearly states what you can report about and also explains what this means using an “i”.


You can file a notification in 3 ways:

  1. Are you a partner of bol and do you have a seller account ? Click here to make an NTD report via your seller account.
  2. If you do not have a seller account on bol but are a brand owner, then you can click here for the English version of the Notice and Take Down form.
  3. Are you an authority or trusted flagger? Click here to file an NTD notification.

Have you received a notification that your one of your items has been notified? If so, follow the instructions in the email.

Do you disagree with our decision on the notification or action taken on the basis of the notification? Then you can file a complaint through our complaints procedure within 6 months of receiving our decision.

Providing the right documents

To report illegal content, we ask you to attach certain documents to the report form. The documents we need vary depending on the type of report. In the table below you will find some situations to get you started.


How is my notification handled?

Once we have received your notification, we will send you a confirmation. We will also check whether the report is complete. Do we see that something is missing? Then you will receive a message about this. We will then check your report. If we see that the offer it concerns is indeed illegal content, we have 2 options:

  1. The item is modified or taken offline
    If the item to which the report refers is indeed illegal and/or in violation of the General Sales Conditions, we will edit the item or take it offline. We will only take the item offline if we determine that it is so serious that taking it offline is justified. We will assess this carefully and to the best of our ability. As the submitter, we will of course inform you of our decision using the contact details you provide.
  2. Your report is not taken into consideration
    In some cases, bol does not take reports into consideration. This happens for a reason. For example, if there is no illegal content, if an NTD report lacks sufficient justification as to why the content is illegal, if the necessary documents are missing or if a clear indication of the exact location of the content is missing, such as the URL.

Notice and Take Down form for brand owners

Read the regulations applicable to the Notice and Take Down procedure here (in Dutch).

Are you a partner? Then file a notification via the partner form in the SDD.

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