Selling rights

Naturally, we want customers who buy through to continue to do so - and so it is important to offer them a reliable and safe range together. Therefore, additional sales conditions apply to certain product groups and in some cases, there is a brand policy for selective distribution. Find out whether this also applies to your range on this page.


It is possible to offer Squishy from the brand list below. Do you want to offer another brand? Then you have to prove that the brand and your associated range comply with Dutch and/or Belgian laws and regulations and the guidelines.

Are you:

  • A reseller?
    Large, renowned brands generally have a proven product reliability. In the exceptional event that there’s a problem with the quality, the brand itself takes responsibility, for example with a recall. Because of this guarantee, a further assessment process is not necessary to sell these brands via our platform. Of course, we also welcome smaller, unknown brands or brands without an office in the European Union to sell on our platform. For these brands, an assessment process does apply. Are you a reseller? Let us know which brand you want to sell, and we will inform you about the next steps.
  • A brand owner?
    Do you want to offer your product range via as a brand owner? Then an assessment process also applies. With this assessment as well as the continuous monitoring of your product range, we guarantee product safety and authenticity for our customers. Let us know which brand you want to sell and that you want to start an assessment process. We will inform you about the next steps.