Assortment policy

Our assortment policy contains all the conditions that apply to the offer of bol. Let's make it a shared effort to ensure that bol stands for reliability and quality. Only then will customers order from us with peace of mind.


Here you will find all the information about assortment policies that apply to the category Erotics. Think of essential product information and assortment that is not allowed on our platform.

Erotic images

Articles with erotic content will be placed under an 18+ filter. This is what we perceive as erotic content:

  • Images of devices for sexual activity. 
  • Images containing sexual body parts of (representations of) people, such as genitals, nipples and bare buttocks.  
  • Images that are sexually suggestive.

Skin colour

Through bol, items are sold in all kinds of sizes, styles and colours. The more specific the description of the item is, the faster our collective customers can find what suits them. Instead of the term ‘skin colour’, use a more specific description for the colour of your item. For example, beige, brown or light pink. 

Second-hand & Refurbished


Second-hand items or margin goods can only be offered in the book, music and film categories. You cannot apply for selling rights for the other categories. It is therefore not possible to offer second-hand items other than books, music and films at bol. 


The sale of refurbished range at bol has unfortunately been discontinued for the time being. This is because it is our responsibility to clearly show customers whether an item is refurbished, which is currently not technically possible. And we cannot solve this in the short term either. Refurbished items were allowed in a closed group until January 2022. It is not allowed to offer refurbished items.

Yoni eggs

There are microscopic holes and cracks in yoni eggs. Bacteria can enter these holes and cracks. Wearing an unsterilized yoni egg for a long time can cause an infection. Because they can be potentially harmful to health, these items should not be sold on the platform.