Selling rights

Naturally, we want customers who buy through to continue to do so - and so it is important to offer them a reliable and safe range together. Therefore, additional sales conditions apply to certain product groups and in some cases, there is a brand policy for selective distribution. Find out whether this also applies to your range on this page.

Medical Devices Belgium (FAHMP)

Do you want to offer medical devices on the Belgian market via Then make sure your organisation is registered for this with the FAHMP (FAGG in Dutch).

A medical device is a health item that differs from a medicine because of its function. The function of a medical device is physical – think of a plaster, a prosthesis, a scanner or an external defibrillator.

  1. Guidelines in Belgium
    In Belgium, the government agency FAHMP is responsible for guaranteeing the quality, safety and efficacy of medicines and health articles, including medical devices. Your organisation must be registered with the FAHMP to sell these items.
  2. FAHMP registration
    You can register your organisation with the FAHMP via this link. Then go through the steps in the “Info and documentation” box there, for registration and access to the FAHMP portal.
  3. How will we assess your application to
    In order to offer medical devices via to Belgian customers, you need to demonstrate that you are officially registered with the FAHMP. This means the following:
  • The FAHMP number of your registration can be found via this website.
  • Send your organisation’s application form (including attachment) as proof of your registration.