Assortment policy

Our assortment policy contains all the conditions that apply to the offer of bol. Let's make it a shared effort to ensure that bol stands for reliability and quality. Only then will customers order from us with peace of mind.


Read everything you need to know about the assortment policy for Safety on this page.

(Toy) weapons, water guns, airsoft and accessories

In addition to the general guidelines for toy sales, we set some specific conditions for toy weapons. These are designed to minimize risks to the user and their environment and are in line with Dutch and Belgian legislation. You may offer items that can be used as toy weapons only when they meet the requirements below:

  • Age limit
    The toy weapon must be intended for use by children under 14 years of age
  • Own brand name/modification
    If you place a toy on the market under your own name or brand name, or if you modify a toy in such a way that compliance with the applicable requirements is compromised, you are considered to be a manufacturer and you must assume the obligations of the manufacturer.
  • CE marking
    Toy weapons must bear a CE marking that is visibly, legibly and indelibly affixed to the toy or on a label attached to the toy or on the packaging.

Replicas, counterfeit weapons and airsoft weapons

Toy guns that could be mistaken for real weapons are not allowed to be sold through We only allow toy weapons (including water guns) that have a brightly colored marking on the front of the barrel or that are brightly colored or have brightly colored elements so that it is clear that this is a toy weapon. We do not sell toy hand grenades.

It is not permitted to offer the following products on, not even when they are mounted on another item and also when the shot power is below 0.08 joules;

  • Airsoft weapons;
  • Alarm guns;
  • BB guns (also called ball guns);
  • Paintball guns;
  • Water ball guns;
  • Neither do we allow balls, bullets, maintenance products, gun cases and other accessories that are
    specifically used for these weapons.

We do allow claps for a clap pistol.

Hand and crossbows intended for the sport of archery, both for hobby and professional use, are not allowed. Hand and crossbows that have arrows with a suction cup may be carried. Loose arrows without a suction cup are not permitted.

Catapults are not allowed with the exception of catapults that can unmistakably be classified as (children’s) toys.

Magnetic toys

‘Magnetic construction toys’ refers to toys where magnetic force is central to connecting the individual elements together, including: 

  • Magnetic balls 
  • Magnetic cubes 
  • Neocubes 
  • Buckyballs 
  • Nanodots 

These items are likely to be used by children, even when you don’t explicitly sell them as toys. The health risk in case of ingestion is very high in this target group. To protect the health and safety of the user and his environment, you may therefore not offer magnetic construction toys via with a magnet smaller than four centimeters in diameter. 

Please note that magnets larger than four centimeters in diameter must still comply with the applicable laws and regulations in the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as our general toy guidelines. 

Non-retractable knives and catapults

Due to safety reasons, you can only offer knives at bol that are collapsible, such as Stanley knives and pocketknives. Axes are also allowed. With collapsible knives we mean knives that you can make smaller by hinging or sliding and where you fold the blade into the handle to store it safely in your pocket. Non-folding knives include machetes (including those intended for gardening), daggers and hunting knives. When you offer a knife, we ask you to indicate whether or not your knife is collapsible. 

Furthermore, your offer must comply with the applicable laws and regulations. Items in the product category ‘knives’ are regulated in the Netherlands by the Wet Wapens en Munitie (the Weapons and Ammunition Act). You are not allowed to sell any of the items covered by this law via bol. Not even if the law allows certain weapons to be sold to licensees. We cannot allow this because it is impossible to check if customers have a valid license. 

*The above applies to the Sport, Camping & Outdoor range. This means that cooking knives and dinner knives are, however, allowed for sale when offered in the appropriate category. 

It is the responsibility of every partner to know the Weapons and Ammunition Act, if you sell assortment that qualifies for it. In order to best enforce the Weapons and Ammunition Act, it has been decided to provide additional clarification and/or guidelines within a number of categories: 

The following items are not allowed to sell on bol: 

  • Butterfly knives / Balisong
    Neither is it allowed to sell so-called training knives / trainers of this type via bol. 
  • Stiletto knives, also known as drop knives and switchblade knives
    Neither is it allowed to sell so-called training knives / trainers of this type via bol. 
  • Knives that are ‘concealed’ by resembling an innocuous item such as a pen, comb, bank card, etc.
    Also described as blank weapons that, in appearance, resemble an object other than a weapon.
  • Throwing knives and throwing stars (also known as shuriken, ninja stars)
    Including trainers. Excluded are costume accessories that fall under the toy directive and are therefore in terms of target group intended for children under 14. 

Keys, lockpicks & odometer

At bol, we do not want to offer items that could potentially harm users or their environment. Therefore, we do not sell items that are used almost exclusively for criminal purposes. So you should not offer products that are strongly associated with burglary or fraud, such as: 

  • Duplicators for keys 
  • Odometer reversers 
  • Cylinder pullers 
  • Duplicators for keys 
  • Lockpickguns* 
  • Car belt clips to stop the alarm are also not allowed 

*As opposed to lockpickguns, lockpick sets are allowed because of their hobbyist nature and the minimal force applied to them. 

Fire safety

Fire extinguishers

All products sold on bol must comply with the applicable laws and regulations in the Netherlands and Belgium. The sale of products on the Dutch platform is subject to the Portable Fire Extinguishers Decree. This covers all products intended to fight fires by simple actions and the filling in the device, which in total does not exceed 20 kg. No matter how small the fire extinguisher is, it must comply with this decree. What to consider when offering a fire extinguisher, among other things:

  • Colour
    The colour of the extinguisher should be red (RAL 3000).
  • Inspection valid for 5 years
    All fire appliances must undergo an inspection before they can be offered on the Dutch and Belgian markets. This inspection is valid for 5 years. After that, the importer may no longer import appliances under the expired number, and therefore may no longer sell existing stock under this number.

Safety detectors (smoke, carbon monoxide, heat, gas, and combination detectors)

To ensure the quality and safety of our combined range, it is important that all safety detectors (smoke, carbon monoxide, heat, gas and combination detectors) comply with the relevant European standards and that customers know how to use and install the detectors correctly. After all, customers purchase safety detectors to protect their safety.

At bol, you can therefore only offer security detectors that:

  • Comply with the relevant European safety standards. It is important that this is also filled in under ‘Type of standard’ in the product information.
  • Equipped with a Dutch-language manual that meets European safety standards, both physical and digital.
  • Have been tested at a Notified Body (NB) in Europe.

Specific requirements a CO detector must meet anyway are:

  • The name of the manufacturer, supplier or brand.
  • The name of the CO detector and model number.
  • Type of gas to be detected.
  • The life of the detector.
  • The text: ‘Read the instructions’ in Dutch.

In addition, the Dutch-language manual provided should explain, among other things:

  • Placement and assembly.
  • The expected lifespan.
  • The test procedure.

Wishing balloons

Wishing balloons are popular every year during the holiday season. Unfortunately, some wishing balloons have a high risk of fire hazards, a risk that is present for each wishing balloon if used incorrectly. To make sure everyone enters the new year happily, we ask you to upload a photo of the product packaging for each wishing balloon. The photo clearly shows that the wishing balloon complies with the fire safety guidelines below: 

  • The horizontal diameter of the wishing balloon is maximum 75 cm. 
  • The wishing balloon contains no metal (wire). 
  • The product includes instructions for use. 
  • The packaging bears the warning: ‘Beware fire hazard! 18+. This product may cause a fire if used incorrectly, please read the instructions for use first.’ 

These guidelines are based on research by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA). You can read more here. 

Swimming aids

To ensure the quality and safety of our combined product range, it is important that the following swimming aids comply with European standards and recognized quality marks: swimming straps, swimming wings, swimming seats, swimming rings, swimming trainers, swimming belts and swimming vests. This is because customers purchase swimming aids to protect their safety in the water.

Therefore, at bol, you can only offer swimming aids when:

  • You have a test report in your possession.
  • For every product, an approval body checks that you can swim safely with it. Are your swimming aids approved? Then this is documented in test reports. It is important that you have the test reports. We count on you to provide them within five working days if we ask for them.
  • You have provided information in the ‘Type instantiekeurmerk’ in your product information. Valid marks can be found in the list of accredited institutions.

A photo of the item or product packaging is included on the product page. The photo clearly shows that:

  • A CE mark is printed on the swimming aid.
  • An instant seal is printed on the swimming aid.

A photo of the instructions

  • The swimming aid must contain instructions in Dutch or English.

Authorisation number Chemical pesticides

Items in this category are only released on the market after they have been extensively tested. Independent authorities check whether the product is safe enough for humans, animals and the environment. All approved products are given an approval number. We ask you to include this approval number in the product information. Without an approval number, you cannot offer any products in the ‘Pesticides & Biocides’ category. 

You can find the admission number in 1 of the following 3 databases: 

  • To be sold in the Netherlands: Ctgb 
  • To sell in Belgium: Phyto 
  • To be sold in all European member states: ECHA 

Click here to edit your product information. 

Virus claims

It is not allowed to make virus claims in the product information of biocides. Some examples of claims that are not allowed are:

  • “Kills and/or controls bacteria and viruses”
  • “Eliminates viruses”
  • “Provides protection against corona virus and/or viruses”