The buy box

Along with you, we want to improve our customers' daily lives by offering the best range of products. When multiple partners offer the same item via bol, one of them is selected for the buy box. That means they have the best offer at that moment in terms of price, delivery time and service. The buy box significantly increases the chance of customers adding your item to their shopping cart. Read more about the buy box here.

Customer satisfaction comes first. To continue to make customers happy, we have to meer their expectations. Therefore, we constantly look for the best offer, based on price, delivery promise and quality.  

A good offer will help you get the buy box. We take different factors into consideration.

What influences the buy box

Delivery promise 

The faster you can deliver, the higher the chance you will be selected for the buy box. It is important to keep your delivery promise to meet customers’ expectations. We base this on the maximum number of delivery days. If your delivery promise is 2-3 working days, we count it as 3 delivery days. To ensure that the buy box is calculated justly, it takes into account changes in delivery time that take place during the day. As a result, the buy box position may change more often in a day. 


Customers look for the best deal. Therefore, a competitive price increases your chance of getting the buy box. Minimal price differences – of, say, €0.01 – have no impact in this respect. 

Performance score

When ordering, customers assume that their item will be delivered on time and that they receive proper help if something unexpected happens. The higher you score on the service standards, the higher your chances of receiving the buy box. 

How do the different factors influence the buy box?

Which of the three factors – delivery promise, price and performance score – have more influence can vary by product category. How we weigh this, is continuously optimised based on customer behaviour. For example, delivery promise has a bigger influence when it comes to daily-use items, as customers find it important that their order is delivered as quickly as possible. For furniture, price is more important.

Because we are constantly trying to find the best deal for our customers and optimise the conversion of the buy block, the algorithm behind the buy block constantly changes. 

Frequently asked questions

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Service standards bol

Together we wish to guarantee good service. That’s why we apply a number of service standards to our platform.

Items on time

Receiving deliveries timely makes up for a big part of the customer’s satisfaction. We assess your performance based on your shipping proposition.

Performance score

Your performance score is a component for calculating the buy box. It is therefore important to keep a close eye on it. You can check your performance scores in your seller account.